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Work Hardening and Conditioning Programs

Helping Workers Return Ready and Able.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

This is a highly specialized service in which extensive physical and evaluative testing is completed in order to prepare employees who have experienced injury who are ready to prepare for job re-entry. The following questions are an integral part of the evaluation and therapeutic process:

  1. Can this person return to work safely?
  2. How severe is the client’s pain?
  3. What type of job can a person physically handle?
  4. What are a candidate’s safe lifting tolerances?
  5. What work accommodations could be made to allow this person to return to work?
  6. What is the next appropriate step in regards to rehabilitation?
  7. What are candidate’s cardiovascular and physical endurance limitations or capabilities for working?
  8. What are positional tolerances for standing, sitting, walking, and lifting?

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Work Conditioning Programs

With the primary goal of helping workers return to employment, we strive to aid our injured clients in meeting established short-term and long-term goals. For clients unable to return to work due to remaining functional deficits or de-conditioning, we offer higher level therapeutic intervention. Our work hardening programs are individually tailored to each client and are full body intensive. Our programs focus on work simulation activities which prepare the injured worker to return to their job and the many duties that encompasses. Work Hardening addresses issues of productivity, safety, physical tolerances and worker behaviors. The primary objective of the Work Conditioning Program is to restore physical capacity and function, enabling the injured worker to return to his or her pre-injury job.

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