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Guiding Children Through Developmental Milestones

At Maguire Therapy we help children cultivate the necessary skills to achieve age appropriate capabilities.  A child’s occupation is to learn, grow, develop, and play! Therapeutic activities may include physical play such as jumping and climbing. As well as fine motor tasks such as buttoning, dressing, feeding, and writing.

Our occupational therapists provide evaluation, intervention and consultation in the following areas:

  • Fine Motor/Handwriting Skill Development
  • Play and Socialization
  • Sensory Integration, Sensory Diets, and Home Programs
  • Feeding and Oral Motor Needs, Picky Feeders and Food Avoidance
  • Self Help Skills & Activities of Daily Living
  • Environmental Adaptations for Home and School Settings
  • Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual Skills
  • Strength and Endurance

Our creative methods motivate children to practice and develop skills necessary to perform tasks of their everyday lives, making their experience successful and enjoyable. We value our relationships with parents, caregivers, teachers, and physicians, and realize that collaboration is essential to create effective carry-over from the clinic to home and school.  Our nurturing clinic environment emphasizes holistic support for development of motor and sensory skills in children with autism, developmental delays, learning disabilities, sensory integration dysfunction, and other special needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Comprehensive evaluations and treatment for children
  • Home and School Consultations with Caregivers
  • Developmental Screenings
  • Oral Sensory / Oral Motor and Feeding Skills Groups
  • Individualized and Family Focused Treatment



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